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  1. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    We wish all of you a very nice christmas evening. Enjoy the time with your family and friends.

    Your FingerCoding-Team.

  2. Stopped developing on MySchool

    MySchool One year working on our eBook together with our partner from Switzerland and a powerful start into a totally new Project lies behind us. We redefined our special focus on the quality of our existing and future apps and therefore made an inventory of all existing projects, this summer. Every single app was discussed in detail and finally evaluated in its potential. Afterwards we decided how to proceed developing from now on and set up a roadmap of further steps. Within this progress our team had to make hard decisions. In the end we decided to stop developing our app for grades called „MySchool“. Being really happy about so many downloads and users of „MySchool“, we want to say thank you to every “MySchool” user and supporter! Great feedback and hints for improvements reached us. Even if the app cannot be downloaded anymore, it is still working on devices where it is already installed. However, there is no longer support available.

    To summarise we are now able to concentrate all our energy on FingerCodings repertoire of apps and our future projects.
    More about it coming soon, after New Year’s Eve!

    From Dresden, Leo Käßner

  3. FingerCoding presents Walkie 2.0

    Walkie 2

    Finally we are proud to announce the totally new version of Walkie. Just in time with the release of iOS 7.
    Almost a year ago we decided to redesign our apps in order to establish a new FingerCoding standard. Starting with our most popular app seemed to be the best choice. By the way, Walkie got more than 200.000 downloads till now. That is a huge success for us! Thanks to you!

    Walkie 2

    Alex, our Designer started the development of Walkie 2.0 (yes Alex has developer skills), it went well with good progress. Why did we need almost a year to release Walkie 2.0?
    It took us that long because another big external project exhausted all our human resources. Therefore we were hardly forced to stop the development of Walkie.
    In summer 2013 Alex started again and continued hacking the code for Walkie. As you all heard and felt Apple preached a huge change in their design philosophy. In order to support these changes and new technologies all graphics for iOS 7 had to be redesigned. So here we are standing in front of you presenting the best Walkie upgrade ever!

    Whats new?

    Walkie runs perfectly hand in hand with all new features of iOS 7.

    iPad support is back!

    Due to a legal issue we had to rename Walkie (former "Walk 'n' Type"). During this process we removed the iPad version from the App Store.

    Walkie 2 for iPad

    Now Walkie is back on iPad! Use your iPad or iPad mini to write your messages on the go.

    Multiple text modes

    Walkie 2 change text mode

    A common problem was that you could not read the text very well, if the text color matched the backgrounds color.
    By using a selection of multiple text modes this problem could be solved in an easy way. Walkie includes a standard, alternative and Night Mode. The "Night Mode" uses the LED torchlight to light up the environment, if you are a "night writer". The "standard" and "alternative" modes are fully customizable in the preferences.

    Walkie 2 text format preferences

    Just setup the color, size, style and shadow as you like it!

    Modify the UI

    Walkie 2 Navigation Bar and Keyboard Toolbar

    Choose between the classic navigation bar or the keyboard toolbar (iPhone only). You can also activate or deactivate the characters counter and status bar. It's your choice, if you prefer a bigger camera view or the time and power status.

    New and improved sharing services

    Walkie 2 sharing

    Sharing your texts has never been easier than now. Just hit the share button and select the service you want. Walkie supports everything Apple offers (Mail, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, …) and even more. You can export your text as a TXT file to iTunes by simply copy it or send it to WhatsApp. Thats right, Walkie finally supports WhatsApp! ;)

    If you have any suggestions, e.g. which new sharing service Walkie should be compatible with or anything else, just drop us a line.

    Download Walkie 2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

    We hope you enjoy Walkie 2.0 as much as we do. Stay tuned and keep texting!
    Walkie is just the beginning!

  4. The drawing of the curtain!

    After months of absence of an updated and new designed website the time to open the curtain has come NOW!

    Let the show go on!

    By using a center-based menu designed in four directions the visitor is conducted through the four main parts of the website.

    This new method of navigation leads the visitor to a more structured understanding of FingerCoding as a young innovative startup and its products.

    With this new website we are looking forward to a future of sunrise!

    A new sunrise for YOU is coming up SOON!

    Looking into the the future of sunrise!

  5. 1st Birthday!!!

    1 year of FingerCoding

    We are celebrating our 1st birthday with you! First of all we like to say thank you to everyone of you for downloading our apps and supporting us. We reached more than 500'000 downloads last year what made us proud and happy. Thanks!

    We had tough times in the last year while developing an interactive eBook which should be available soon. For the upcoming year we plan to reinvent our portfolio of apps and maybe we have something new on our roadmap ;)

    Stay informed through our blog and Facebook page, we won't be quiet if we have some news for you.

    Now celebrate with us and enjoy using our apps!


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