The "on the go" Messenger.

Whenever you have to walk somewhere quickly, yet send a text message or write a note at the same time, this App will be a huge help maintaining a tight schedule and staying safe at the same time.

  • Walk and type simultaneously - safe and efficient.

  • Adjust the text style, so you can type away where ever you are.

  • Perfect for mobility with fast change of text format modes.

  • Write your text and share it with two clicks.

Walk and type simultaneously

As soon as you turn it on, you can see whatever is in front of you on your screen through your camera. However, equipped with a keyboard as well, you can type, while keeping an eye on the ground ahead of you, the text will appear on the screen.

Adjust the style of your text

But what good do black letters do you, if the pavement ahead of you is dark as well, thus making it impossible to read the text. Hence, you can change nearly everything about the text style: color, size, style and you can even add a text shadow if you wish, so you can always use this App to its full extent!

Optimized for mobility

While having detailed setup options in the preferences, we gave you a fast switch option for text formats while typing and walking. Tap on the menu bar and choose between "Standard", "Alternative" or "Night Mode". The change is just two taps away and let's you focused on your walk.

Spread the word!

But this App does not only make typing while walking easier, it gives you the option to share your text easily as well. Simply hit the “Share” button and choose between copying it to Clipboard or sending it as email, text message, Tweet, Facebook post, export to iTunes or send it via WhatsApp.

Price: FREE

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