Let your Mac talk to you.

You need to read two texts simultaneously to compare them? Or do you want to know what your text sounds like? Speakline does all that for you and offers a variety of further options, as well as the feature to save and extract the spoken text as a file.

  • Choose the right tone and language! Even internationally languages.

  • Change the speed and volume for the recitation of the text.

  • Save spoken pieces right in Speakline!

  • Extract and share your text as .AIFF

Choose the right tone and language!

To ensure that your text is recited properly, you can choose between different tones. The Text is in another language? Change the language with a few simple clicks as well. (Since OS X Lion those options are provided internationally by Apple.)

Change speed and volume.

Depending on the situation, you might want to change the reading speed to fully comprehend or evaluate the given text. That is why we made it easily adjustable for you!

Save spoken pieces in Speakline!

If you need to continue working on a document later or are not sure, whether you are going to need the text again or not, save it in Speakline. That way, you can access it easily later on.

Extract and share your text!

You can also save a document as a AIFF audio data to share it or use it in a different context.

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