Manage all your grades, right on the go.

Did you ever loose tracks of your grades and got confused how relevant they were for your final grade? Or did you ever find yourself wondering, how you ended up with such a grade in a certain subject? This App makes sure, that it does not happen again by giving you the perfect system for saving all your grades.

  • Note easily all your subjects and grades.

  • Collect all information about a grade.

  • New semester? Don't delete the old one, just add a new one.

  • MySchool even calculates your average grades!

Note grades and subjects

You can create a new semester and title it however you want and add as many subjects as you like. Afterwards, note all grades in the different subjects to never loose tracks again. And of course you can also choose the grading system in the settings.

Collect all informations

To ensure, that you are able to recall all the information about a grade, you can add title, date and the category of it. So you not only have all your grades, but all the relevant info as well, in case of a discussion with a teacher for example. Furthermore, you can also modify the weighing of a grade by clicking on it long enough. Hence, this App gives lets you keep track of your grades and their information without any effort.

Create multiple semesters

After a semester is done and you start a new one, you do not have to get rid of all the old data. Just open a new semester and start again. When you do this, you also have the choice to either take over subjects from the previous semester or register new ones.

calculate your average grades

Every time when the end of the semester approaches, you had to put up with calculating all your grades and afterwards your overall average. Now you just click on the average button in the menu below to receive it. Due to that simplification, all the formulas and the uncertain and frustrating mental arithmetic are part of the past!

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