Track your loans - easy and fast.

Are you tired of loosing money because you can not remember all the information around the loans? Who did lend how much money when and why? In that case, this App is ideal. It helps you to keep easily track of all the loans and at the same time helps you leave the annoying paperwork behind, as nothing but an outdated fragment of the past.

  • Save all you loans-easy and clearly arranged.

  • Note ALL the important information.

  • You won’t forget a loan again- thanks to the read icon.

Save your loans

Simply save all loans and oversee them in the main menu with the most important information, the amount of money, if given of received and to/from which person. The money got paid back? Simply erase the note in the upper left corner.

Note ALL important infos

When you create a new note by hitting the “+”-button in the upper right corner, you can also note, when the money was borrowed and when it was or will be returned. And to prevent the familiar feeling of not knowing why the loan is still standing, you have an extra column, where you can save all those notes, to make sure that you can recall the key information when needed.

Remind your loans

We all know, how easy it is to forget about loans, no matter if we are keeping track of them or not. That is why this App will show you how many loans are still standing with a read icon, attached to the app symbol, so you will not forget a dead line or about borrowed money again.

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