The best torchlight for your iDevice.

MyLight is an App designed for many purposes. One of the most convenient ones and at the same time a must-have equipment for all iPhone and iPad users is the included flashlight.

We have all faced a situation, where we had to cleave our way through a dark room or along a dark road in the winter, absent of any street lights, only guessing where we would step next and hoping not to trip or slip. This App can remedy and so much more.

  • Use your phone's LED or screen as flashlight.

  • Get yourself more modes than just the dull flashlight.

  • So many modes – yet easily to handle.

  • Universal

Use the screen and LED as flashlight

Avoid the risk of hurting yourself or stumbling around whenever you encounter a situation with no light source around. Use the LEDs on your mobile device as a bright flashlight and find you way. In addition, you can also turn you screen into a flashlight, giving you enough light to read, without lighting up the entire room.

a mode for every situation

If you want more than just the regular, dull flashlight, this app is a must have for you!

Choose between the Standard Modes and the LED Modes for a variety of features. Not only can you utilize your device as a stroboscope, and send SOS signals, you can even let the screen change its color, frequency and color variety up for your choosing. And this App even has a feature for light graffiti!

easy handling

Its plurality of modes aside, this App is still clearly arranged and easily handable. When it is opened, the menu pops up, displaying all the different modes, obviously structured. But, if you tend to use one mode most of the time, open the one that is of the most use to you and close the App. Next time you launch it, that exact mode will be loaded. Yet, one simple click on the button in the upper left corner and you are back in the main menu.

And since this is such a vital App, it also supports the Launch Center Pro.

Price: FREE

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