Mini Game Challenge

The perfect time killer.

Every day we are confronted with situations, that take up time and are incredibly boring, such as waiting for the bus or a doctor's appointment, riding the bus or tram or other happenings, which demand your physical, yet not mental presence. Or do you often see yourself confronted with the urge to compete with friends or solve arguments with siblings or roommates, such as “who brings out the trash?” or “who cooks tonight?”. This App is the solution to your problems.

  • Variety of different little games.

  • Test your skills, beat the challenges.

  • Compare your Highscores in the Game Center.

Variety of games.

This app offers you many ways to deal with all those issues and challenges by offering a series of games, designed to entertain and satisfying the urge for competition, yet in a short manner time wise and without spending any time on learning the controlling.

Beat the challenges.

These games, designed for entertainment, also include several challenges. For some you need concentration and speed, for others however, patience and calmness are required. You will find a list of all the challenges attached below. Try them and decide for yourself which one is going to be your favorite.

Game Center integration.

But what fun is it to play without being able to challenge yourself from time to time? For that reason there are multiple achievements for every single game, to motivate you to become just a little bit better in order to unlock the achievement. Furthermore, click on “Highscores” to not only see your own high scores, but to compare them with friends and other enthusiasts by signing up for the Game Center and checking the Leaderboards.

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