Find the nearest bratwurst stand.

Whenever you are looking for a bratwurst, this App will prove to be a great asset. It provides you with all the important information of registered bratwurst stand and restaurants and even their location on a map, making it the ideal App for bratwurst lovers!

  • Find the closest bratwurst and the best way to it on the included map.

  • Click on a stand to be given the address, menu and much more.

  • Help others and report us stands that you know.

  • Universal

Find the closest stands

As soon as you open the App, you see a world map with all so far by other users registered Bratwurst stands. That way you can find out where all the stands are located and which one is the closest to you. Or, if you want to find a particular one, simply hit the search button in the upper right corner.

See every detail of the stands

If you want to find out more about a certain stand or restaurant, click on the red pin on the map or go to the details. You will be provided with an address, a short description, the location on a closer map, a overview of the menu and sometimes even a picture.

It's your turn! Help us grow and report stands.

Since all the stands and restaurants are registered by users, you can help fellow bratwurst-lovers to make their day by notifying us about any stands around you, so that we can provide that information in our map and App as well.

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