The 3 Robbers

The revolution of interactive eBooks

Three robbers are on the hunt!

They conquer the digital world with a classic story by Tomi Ungerer, brought to an interactive and new adventure.
Diogenes and FingerCoding developed their first interactive eBook for iOS and Android.
With lively animations, surprising sound effects and a drawing mode, the new three robbers eBook app shows the way for a revolution of the ebook market.

  • listening & reading

  • learn multiple languages

  • discover the app with all the animations, sounds and videoclips

  • modern technics

Listening & Reading

Doesn't matter if your kid can read or not, our app allows multiple ways of getting in touch with the content oft the book. You can either read the text with your kid, or you can listen to the recorded text read by the author, Tomi Ungerer, himself. This also allows you to learn or improve reading skills in a smart way.

Learn multiple languages

You are able to change the language in english, german and french. This allows your kids to learn multiple languages with help of the content of the story.

Discover the App

Most apps for kids are getting boring in a very small period of time. This changes now. Our app got multiple ways of interaction like animations, sounds, videoclips and more that need to be discovered on every page of the book. This might take a while...

Modern technics

As part of our development of the app, we wanted to add some modern technics and creative ways to impress the user. We did exactly that and found ways for kids to spread their creativity in drawing, the exploring of sound by blowing objects out of the tablet and more...

Available for…


*Universal for iOS 6 or higher


*Android 4 or higher


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