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Before FingerCoding became an official company, it was simply two brothers, Leo and Alexander Käßner, living out their hobby of programming and improving by experimenting.
They came up with several Apps, such as Walkie, and participated in a variety of projects. But it was not until they were approached by Diogenes, one of the most important publishers in the german speaking countries, that they decided to make the big step and become an official company.

Therefore they formed the FingerCoding team as it stands today, consisting out of five young men, who are all willing to accept the challenges to fully savor the experience this company and opportunity provides.

  • Leo Käßner

    Leo Käßner

    (CEO & Development)

    As the CEO of “FingerCoding”, Leo Käßner is the person where all threads run together. On the one hand, he is part of and supervises the technical unit and the process of programming. But on the other hand, he also builds the bridge between our company and clients, as well as potential partners.

  • Alexander Käßner

    Alexander Käßner

    (Lead Design & Development)

    Due to his experience and skill set, Alex is involved in many different tasks, one of them of course being programming. But he has made it his specialty to design, being determined to make every app functional, yet easily handable and neat at the same time. This dedication has made him Head of Design.

  • Walter Forkel

    Walter Forkel

    (CTO & Development)

    Walter as Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer is our important base for strong and powerful code. With his understanding of complex problems he engineers the structure and the core of our software products. Beside his IT knowledge, Walter is always forward minded and influences the idea what FingerCoding will be in the future and how we will work together.

  • Moritz Damm

    Moritz Damm


    The most important thing for FingerCoding after programming, is of course making sure, that the company is well functioning and organized. This is ensured by Moritz Damm, major in business management and former financial advisor of the saxonian state students' council, who controls all financial and organizational aspects as our Head of Finance/Marketing.

  • Max Kattner

    Max Kattner

    (Development & Design)

    Max joined our team in april 2013 as software developer. With his focused mind on difficult algorithms and problems, he became the perfect match to Walter. While working together it turned out that he is an enthusiastic photographer with an eye for important details and style. Thereby, Max made pictures for our webpage and filmed some ads as FingerCoding prioritizes good design.

  • Jakob Loges

    Jakob Loges

    (Development & Communication)

    Jakob also joined in april 2013 as a creative coder and good communicator. While the others are focused on the core of the code, the frontend code is made by his hands. Jakob always questions the overall appearance of our apps and became our quality manager. Since we are not the only ones who Jakob mesmerizes by talking but also our clients, he is our man for PR and Communication.


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